Friday, February 28, 2014

What's new at The New Beauty Review

Hi Beauties!

I have had such a crazy week in LA! I came to town for The Makeup Show and all of the fun events that precede the show. I'm also assisting my friend Dyana ( at the Oscars and Vanity Fair party so that will be huge! I have a list (literally) of posts waiting to be published and also a detailed post about my new venture as a designer for headpieces. I already have some orders coming in from some very big faces. I am thrilled to say the least. I will be back with more on my adventures from this week and what's to come!

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Di Depux Laser Cut Jewelry Review

Hi Beauties!

I have been wanting to talk about this fantastic brand that I discovered on Instagram a few months ago called Di Depux.  I waited to write my review because I knew I'd be placing another order and wanted to show them all together.
Di Depux is an online Etsy shop for the most amazing laser cut jewelry and accessories. It's owned and run by Despina, a fabulous graphic & jewelry designer who comes to us from Athens, Greece. That alone is so cool because I've always wanted to visit Greece, as it looks breathtaking!

I had been looking for a really cute nameplate necklace but I didn't want something small and plain. I was drawn to her work right away because it's just fun and different. I love that ALL of her items are custom made and you can tell she takes immense pride in her work because every piece is perfectly hand crafted to perfection.

I literally stumbled on this awesome "Stephanie" necklace while browsing pics and knew I had to have it. I have collected items with my name on them since I'm little so something like this was screaming for me to buy it!
 (photo taken from Di Depux instagram page)

I tagged my friend (and fellow Mermaid) also named Stephanie, and told her we had to take advantage of the sale going on at the time to get our Stephanie necklaces. She jumped on it right away because we're silly like that. *hee hee* (Hi Steph!! *waves*)
That's the great thing about the Di Depux shop, there are always items on sale (some as low as $6) and she has amazing pop up sales every month. This particular month (July) she was having specific items go on sale for 50% off regular price. The necklace I ended up getting is very similar to this and I even got to pick the colors for my letters and chain. My letters were pink glass, black background and for an extra $0.99 I added a pink chain, of course

(photo taken from Di Depux website)

As the orders come in, Despina will post the pictures on Instagram so when I saw our orders done, I got really excited to have them shipped! I'm always weary about ordering things site unseen (especially from outside the US) because you hope it's as good as it looks. The items were way cooler than they look in the pictures and that says a lot because they looked perfect!
The necklaces (and some bracelets) come with this super cute little heart at the top that says "di depux" in tiny letters. 
The necklace is really light so you don't feel weighed down at all. I wore this in a heat wave and 95 degree humidity. I am happy to report my skin wasn't irritated and the chain is in tact. It's really well made!
(photo taken from Di Depux instagram page)

I had a few questions and Despina was very responsive and assuring that my order would be carried out with my precise instructions and delivered in the time frame expected. 
Well, not only did I receive my items earlier than expected, in 7 days exactly, from when I placed my order, but everything came packaged well and with extra goodies!! Yay!!
There were really cute flyers and cards, one on the most delicious, unique candies I'd ever eaten and a really awesome pair of hot pink spike earrings, for free!
(photos taken by me)

I wore my necklace and earrings that night and for the next few nights...consecutively! Lol! I had no shame as I wore it in pic after pic after pic :-)
I have worn it so much in the last 2 months and have received so many wonderful compliments on it. It's kind of fun to meet people and they ask my name then notice it's on my neck and feel silly. Or when someone I don't know will call me by my name and I give them a "how do you know my name" look, then I realize it's on my neck...It's good for giggles! :-D
In fact, I was out 2 weeks ago and a girl stopped to tell me she liked my necklace. I told her to go on Instagram and see where I got it. We take out our phones and as I open the page to show her she stopped to tell me she actually knew exactly who I was talking about and had purchased items from Di Depux before! So it's definitely getting out there. 
The style is a bit of a throwback to the big nameplates and chains of the 80's but with a modern, super charged feminine twist. 

The Etsy shop has over 400 amazing items to choose from. There are earrings, necklaces, bracelets, iphone cases, hair accessories and even custom shoe lace charms! I believe any item containing lettering can be customized by using other languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Korean and Persian. As I mentioned, you do have the option to choose the color of your letters and chain to make it more your own style. I love having those options because it really feels like it was made just for me 

Naturally I love anything that says "Makeup Artist" and the Mermaid designs are also a favorite but how cute are all of these goodies?!?!

(photos taken from Di Depux website. I just put them together to show different styles)

This was my first thought when thinking of gift ideas for part of a birthday present. This order also came in 7 days with a yummy candy and with the prettiest pair of earrings! A cool set of a pink helm wheel and stripped anchor, my favorites as I love all things nautical!  

(Top left photo taken from Di Depux Instagram page, bottom left and right pics taken by me)
I had to be careful to not "like" the picture so I wouldn't ruin the surprise before I gave it away! Haha!

All in all I have had a wonderful experience shopping at Di Depux. Everything that you look for in a shopping experience, from placing the order, the estimated delivery time, the condition in which you receive your items and the extra goodies, are all things I notice and appreciate. I love "hassle free" shopping and this was a breeze!
I will be buying many more items for myself (I have a list) and definitely as gifts for the upcoming holidays and birthdays alike.

There are so many ways to keep up with new items (which are posted regularly) and sales that are sometimes as good as "Buy One Get One"...Free or 50% off second item. 

I have listed all the direct links to... Etsy Shop 
* On Instagram go to @didepux

Happy shopping!

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Senna Cosmetics-Midnight Wine-Fall 2013-Product Review

Hello Beautiful People!

Before I get into my review I'd like to say how grateful I am to have maintained such a great relationship with Senna Cosmetics! I am truly a fan of their products and I love using them on clients and on myself daily. Cheers to Senna!
I do love my bright colors and pastels but there is something about a wine colored lip that, when worn properly, is so incredibly stylish. As the seasons turn and makeup trends hit the streets, magazine covers & runways, it's always nice to see a familiar shade pop up again.
I have recently been very into cranberry, orange, coppers & browns for my eyes, which are all very "Fall" friendly. So I was excited to see that the Senna-Fall 2013 collection called Midnight Wine is rich in copper, plum, ruby, chocolate and wine shades!

The collection consists of 3 Lip Lacquers, 2 lipsticks, 2 eye shadows and a blush.


The Lip Lacquers come in 3 shades, each their own take on a glossy Fall lip. They are all build able so you can wear them sheer or deepen them by adding a few extra coats, depending on what look you do with your eyes. 
Mulberry is the kind of mauvey-plum that you can wear along with smokey eyes or on top of a nice deep lip to glaze it up.
Blush Wine is a beautiful shimmery pink copper! I found this works great when you dab a drop on the middle of the bottom lip. 
Leather...can we just talk about this name for a second? Lol! I love it! This chocolaty brown is so delicious it makes me want to dip strawberries in it and eat it! :-) It really is the perfect brown gloss.
The cream lipsticks are a perfect match to the glosses. 
Beautiful Bronze is exactly that, a beautiful bronze. It does have a hint of pink which makes it versatile. I also use this in the middle of my bottom lip to add dimension. 
Ruby is a timeless wine shade that can be worn as the star of the show with a minimal face or blend in with a dark, smoldering eye look.

*Face & Eyes*

Moonberry  is the exact color I was once afraid of using. I would see a deep, berry blush like this and run! In recent years I've gotten over myself and realized that not only this shade CAN be used on every skin tone but it SHOULD be! It shows up flattering on every skin tone AND it's perfect for contouring. I try to play with blush often to change it up and work with my look so this has already gotten a lot of use. It's sheer at first but builds up really well. It is a great match for the fall friendly eye palettes.
The eye shadows are so warm and fun! The copper tones are a smooth transition from summery golds.
Cordovan Glow  is a gorgeous, deep shimmery bronze that can be used for smokey looks or in the outer corners. This is perfect to set liner with because it has the shimmer, it will make any brown eyeliner pop!
Coppertina Glow is golden, shimmering copper. This shadow is so beautiful I've worn it alone with mascara and it is a look all on it's own! It's also good for highlighting the face and the inner corners of eyes, transitioning and to soften a hard look. 

As always you can check out Senna Cosmetics creator, Eugenia Weston demonstrating different ideas for this (and other) looks on the Senna Youtube channel--->Senna on Youtube
The first video is for the deeper, berry/wine  Ravishing Ruby look.
The second is for the softer, golden Neo Copper look.

To shop the collection click here---> Senna Fall 2013-Midnight Wine

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*Products were provided for my review

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vueset-Product Review

Hi Beauties!

Like every beauty professional, I am always looking for ways to condense my kit. I can't even count how many times I've switched out bags, cases, boxes, rolly bags, backpacks and zipper bags of products while searching for the "perfect" travel/storage system.
There are a few things I look for when packing my kit and one of the most important factors is condensation. I try to pack as many of my "must have" products into as small of a space as possible.
I hit the jackpot when I was introduced to Vueset palettes & cases. These little cases fit SO much product in such little space, some even fit in your back pocket. They're perfect for being on set and needing product at your finger tips for touch ups but not wanting to carry a lot with you from point A to point B.
I'm sure we've all seen similar products but trust me, these are different. For starters, they are 100% Microwave safe. If you have ever tried to fill a palette/case with products you have to melt down first, you'll know why this is so amazing! It saves time and is a cleaner process all around.
The cases are clear making finding what you need from any angle super easy. You can label them accordingly on the top, sides or bottom, whatever works best. They're stackable which makes being on set easier too so you can keep your station neater & more compact.
There are 6 cases and I've put 3 to use so far. They all have names and the "Tahiti" is my personal favorite. It holds 24 full size lipsticks, foundations and even glitter. I knew right away I'd be using it to transfer a brand new Kryolan Ultra Foundation palette I'd held off on using because it was too big, and somewhat inconvenient, to bring with me on set.

Step by step I showed how easy it was to scoop the products out and place them in the Vueset. This case had 2 layers and 12 shades on each level. They all fit perfectly in my "Tahiti" Vueset!

 The "Bonanza" holds 15 spaces and I used the smaller slots to melt down some M.A.C shade sticks, Ulta & Sephora pencils. 
I used the bigger slots to hold my NARS multiple sticks and my Shu Uemura highlighter. These 3 come with enough product on the push up sticks that I was able to fill the case and still have a lot of product left over. They also melted down smoother than any other product I've ever had to melt. 
Also, I scooped out some M.A.C fluidline & paint pots, Benefit cream shadows (which double as primers) and my Motives Luxe Creme shadow, which I also use as a base.
The jars are glass and believe me, they get heavy when you start carrying around 6 of them at a time.
All of these products I can now take with me where as before, it was a challenge to pack everything and have it all handy.

I knew the "Viking Jack" would be used to carry my Kevyn Aucoin- "The Sensual Skin Enhancers"
I'm sure you can see why! These are also kinda heavy when carrying them all together and who wants to carry around 10 little jars when you can carry one case? :-)
I also added one of my Ben Nye creme colors in Orange. 
There is so much product in these little jars that I was able to fill the case and still had half left in the jars to keep at home. 
In box #3 is the "Taxi" box which I've yet to use but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before it finds it's way in my kit!

The last 2 cases are called "Star Nova" and "Disco Prima"
The "Star Nova" is a plain, long case that you can use for combs, pencils or tiny palettes. I'd be careful using straight powder products (blush, eye shadow) because the case is not magnetic and they might crack if they get moved around too much. 
The "Disco Prima" has 13 sections; 8 small, 4 medium and 1 bigger area. This is ideal for products you use in unison, a lot. Like if you have a few lipsticks, creme clashes, highlighters, and loose items that you use together for a specific client of look, this would be a great way to keep that all together so you have it all at your disposal.
The cases, big and small stack up with ease because of small grooves on the top and bottom that allows them to fit in snug spots, one on top of the other. 

The cases are $14, $16 and $18. I know they made their debut at the PHAMExpo in June but I'm hoping they can start making the rounds at trade shows regularly because they are a "Must" for pros! 
They're also good for storage of any kind; crafts, beads, jewelry...etc

To shop or for more info, check out their website ** and don't forget to "Like" their Facebook page! Vueset on Facebook

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-Products were provided for my review.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

LimeCrime-Velvetines & Carousel Gloss review...*Suedeberry, Cherry On Top, Candy Apple*

Hi Lover Dolls!

I wanted to spotlight 3 very special little ladies that add so much pizazz to my lippy collection just by being themselves!

Aside from Mermaids, Unicorns were all the rage for me & my friends in second grade
I'm serious, we were girls who liked Mermaids, Unicorns, fairies, rainbows, glitter, hearts, Hello Kitty, stickers...basically anything that screamed "I'm a GIRL!" Lol!
When I saw the LimeCrime packaging, which sports a Unicorn head with bows, stars & tassels, I felt like a kid again. It's some of the most beautiful packaging I've ever seen, on any makeup, ever.
True story
I really wanted to try the Velvetines collection and the Carousel Gloss, also known as "Glossy Lipstick", a rich, pigmented sparkly lip gloss.

While attending The Makeup Show in LA this year I picked up a Suedeberry (Velvetines) & 2 Carousel Glosses, Cherry On Top and Candy Apple. Everything was selling out so fast that by the time I got to the booth, the Red Velvet Velvetine was gone! O.o
I was happy to get the one I did because a few hours later all that remained were like 3 eyeliners. The booth never slowed down. Cheers to LimeCrime!

 I obviously swatched everything before I got it to see the textures first hand and they blew me away!
These are taken without flash & it shows how deep the colors are. Also, the Suedeberry stayed firmly in place, as you can see there was no sign of it bleeding.

I wanted to try the Velvetines because I'd heard so many good reviews saying how this liquid lipstick was so unique. At first I was like, "how is a lip gloss matte?" I soon found out it's a "matte lip gloss" because it goes on like a gloss but dries into a matte finish, then doesn't move, all day!
The finish isn't just matte, it is indeed velvety. It's not heavy in texture so it glides on like silk and you can move it around but once it settles, it won't budge or crumble. Instead it wears down evenly after hours but you will have to remove the last of it manually!

Both of the Carousel Glosses are very "Snow White Couture" to me. Candy Apple is dangerous, and enticing yet delicious at the same time. It's a deep, sparkling red that carries a "forbidden fruit" feeling to it. It's 100% hypnotic and very sexy. 
While Cherry On Top  makes me think of what Snow White's lips would look like, if she were real of course :-) It's a playful red, bright but not obnoxious and it's flirtatious with it's sparkles daring you to come closer. 
Not to mention they smell like candy which is always inviting!

As a bonus, Doe Deere, the creator of the brand, was there with Jeffree Star so we chatted about LimeCrime and my glitter business cards, which they loved! I think the one I gave to Doe was purpleand I know Jeffree got a green one because he picked it to match his hair
Not sure why we all look slightly wonky but who cares? 
Trust me, we're fabulous!
These glosses are definitely unlike anything I own, the colors, textures, the ambiance. In fact the entire line is mystical and unique. They have lipsticks in colors that, I believe, put all of the pastel & bright lips we are seeing today on the map, making them wearable again. 
LimeCrime also carries, liquid eyeliners, glitter, eye shadows, primers and nail polish in colors that are all their own. 

To browse & shop the site, I added a link in the *Shop With Me* section on the right hand side of my blog. 
Their prices are more than reasonable with the priciest item being $34.99 and that's for a 5 piece eyeshadow set, making each shadow $7. That's nothing! 
Happy Shopping & let me know what you get!

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Not Your Mother's hair care-Product review

Hi Lover Dolls!

I feel like every time I turn around these pretty bottles of hair goodies are popping up everywhere so I   couldn't wait to write my review on the amazing products I recently received from Not Your Mother's  hair care!
Aside from my flirty girl, "She's A Tease" (don't you just LOVE these names?) my friends over at NYM headquarters sent me 3 more products to use on clients, aptly named, "Clean Freak", "Beat The Heat" and "Girl Powder" I knew I'd be writing a review so I gave them a try first!

Pic taken from my Instagram @NewBeautyReview

*Clean Freak*
I chose this product because I don't always have a lot of time to do hair & makeup on clients. Sometimes 30 min for both (I know, it's crazy!) so I can't always "start from scratch" when styling hair. I have to be prepared to do a quick style or a blowout & style, depending on the time allotted.
Either way, a few sprays of Clean Freak will get us up and running in no time at all! It's like a fresh start for styling. Lol!
I personally don't use dry shampoo regularly because my hair isn't oily and doesn't get oily even after a few days. It's pretty balanced so I have used it a few times (most definitely in hot weather) because, call me crazy, I'd rather just wash my hair & take the time to style it. I like clean, good smelling hair so this consumes a good chunk of my life -__-
I'm not complaining though because who wants to walk around with dirty hair? Not me! O.o
I specifically waited to use this on a day before I was going to wash my hair to see how it worked. I sprayed it on the roots of my hair & brushed it through. My hair wasn't greasy to begin with but had a shine to it. I noticed my hair definitely looked matte after. It was subtle but strong enough that it looked like I'd just had a blow out and it felt lighter
It's a great all around product as it can be used on really any hair type, but if you have oily prone hair, meet your new best friend! 
*For those of you that don't know, the purpose of dry shampoo is to "freshen up" your hair (absorbing excess oils) without having to actually wash it. I'd say this is perfect for an occasion where you are limited on time while getting ready & have to pull yourself together quickly!
It does not, I repeat, it does NOT take the actual place of washing your hair. Just saying ;-)

*She's A Tease*
This product was my intro to Not Your Mother's hair care. I got "She's A Tease" volumizing hair spray a few months ago in one of my Beauty Army orders.
I loved the smell right away (it's infused with Apple Blossom & Bamboo) but it really delivered as a product. It claims to be humidity proof  & I have a lot of thick hair so the test for me was using it to tease my hair into an Amy Winehouse styled beehive & have it passed with flying colors!
I decided to bring it on set with me and not surprisingly, my clients really enjoyed it.
So much so that one client *Kristen Bentz*, had to have it so she bought some along with Clean Freak! Lol!
It became clear to me that I needed this and other products on set with me at all times!
I was even more excited to find out how inexpensive the products are, at just $5.99 for full size products, that's unheard of for salon quality products!
I also use this as a regular spray because it gives the hair a firm hold but doesn't flake off or feel heavy after a few sprays. Also great for men & women to use on fly aways in a pinch!

*Girl Powder*
While I was browsing through the NYM products I'll be totally honest and say this caught my eye because it had a big, pink heart on it with the words GIRL POWDER in big letters on the front of the bottle. Lol! That's definitely what caught my attention but I chose to try it because of what it claimed to do. The bottle is very light so you don't even expect anything to be in it but it's in there, trust me! O.O
I wanted this because again, I don't always know the texture of a client's hair and sometimes this is all you need. A little goes a long way on fine hair and if all I have is 10 minutes, this will give my client instant volume without the extra styling. Voila!
This little heroine looks small but after a few sprinkles on your roots, your hair doubles in volume! It's like the Superwoman of volumizers! It instantly adds a deeper texture to your hair creating fullness. This is the perfect partner in crime to "She's A Tease" 
They're powerful together because the powder gives your hair more to work with when teasing. Volume and fullness are what we're looking for when we want to tease and create height. You can use this alone and scrunch it in using your fingers to fluff up your hair as well. The powder is extremely finely milled so it disappears instantly and gets right to work. 
The only thing missing from the bottle is a pretty pink, sparkly cape because she will be coming to your rescue! Great for anyone with fine hair or even thick hair looking to create extra volume in a specific area but definitely a hair stylist must have!

*Beat The Heat*
I clearly chose this because I use a lot of styling tools (blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron) on set. Protecting the hair from heat damage is always a concern when you sit in my chair and I'm always sure to use something before styling, even if I only have 5 minutes! Lol!
This also smells delicious with main ingredients including: Sunflower & Vitamin A+E
What I really love about this thermal styling shield spray (that's a mouthful) is that it really protects your hair, not only from the heat from your styling tools, but also from daily harmful UV rays. That's a big deal for me because UV rays are damaging to the hair & can lead to fatal health conditions on the skin.
I have used heat protecting sprays for almost 10 years and at times they can feel heavy, sometimes even oily. 
I used this the other night and my hair felt silky right after but also the next day, which really impressed me.
You can spray this on wet hair before blow drying or on dry hair before using a flat iron/curling iron.

There are currently 13 products total known to the brand and 4 styling tools. 
I'm sure I will be stocking up on more products to add to my set bag (and personal hair product cabinet..heehee) 
The website is very user friendly and filled with information on the products even showing demonstration videos on the styling products. *NYM Website*

I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the locations where you can pick up the products :-)
*Find NYM locations*

I'm so glad I was able to try everything here and I'll definitely keep you all posted as I pick up more!

♡ NYM!

Keep it Prettie!


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Senna Cosmetics- "Sunglow" Summer 2013 product review

Fresh off the heels of my Senna Spring 2013 review I now present to you the Summer 2013 collection, aptly named..."Sunglow"

This collection has a Mediterranean flair to it, with baked bronzers Made in Italy, Emerald eyeshadow, touches of Gold and Blood Orange on the lips. I feel like I could take this collection with me to the Greek Islands, the Amalfi coast or the French Riviera and feel right at home!

"Sunglow" has 2 distinct looks. The first is "Emerald Isle" This consists of a brighter look, deeper colors and perfect for a night of dancing in Ibiza after a day at the beach. Lol!
The second look is called "Bronzelite" this is more subtle, monochromatic, but still glowing and beautiful. This look says, "I've made the effort but I didn't have to" Perfect for a day out shopping around, lounging on the beach or having brunch on a coastline you'd need a private seaplane to get to.  Lol!

 I really love that every collection comes with not 1, but 2 yummy Lip Lacquers! Lip gloss is my favorite makeup item and the Senna formula are especially divine!
The shades in this collection are called:
Bonfire (a bright, glossy blood orange) and Sunstone (a sparkling light gold)
Bonfire reminds me of a perfectly chilled Bloody Mary and Sunstone looks like bubbling Champagne in a tube :-)
To read more about my love for these beauties & read about other collections click here: *Lip Lacquer* *Spring 2013*

The Brilliant Bronze baked bronzer/highlighters contain fresh water pearls, are Made in Italy and they are beautiful!! At first they looked to me like they'd be shimmery and chalky, I'm being honest here! Lol!
However, when I brushed them on all I saw was a soft glow but without any trace of the intense shimmer I was expecting to see. I have never used anything like this before!! The Sunset shade has become one of my summer staples because I use it to contour, bronze and highlight. The Dawn shade is lighter, and obviously cooler, but I will almost always use them together, building it up on my cheeks and blending them together.
The Power Point 33  brush is perfect for contouring, bronzing, blush and even highlighting. I will use it for all 4 tasks at once and it's so soft and easy to use. I can dust a trace of Dawn on my cheeks or go deeper with Sunset to contour then highlight. I'll usually wipe away any lingering product and swirl it around, blending it all together. It hugs my bone structure perfectly!
Another "magic wand" from Senna

Taking into consideration the Pantone color of the yearEmerald seemed like a natural choice. 
I always love Senna eye shadows because as I've stated before, they are finely milled, pigmented, they build beautifully and can be used dry or wet for more intensity. I feel like all of their powders feel silky on the skin, which I love. I want to say that I really LOVE the Rose Gold eye shadow. Light pink eye shadows are always in my kit & in my personal makeup drawer because it's a good alternative to creamy shades for highlighting and/or brightening up a small area. 

The new lipsticks are called Midas & Down to Earth:
Midas (a beautiful pure gold) & Down to Earth (a warm, rose brown) is not too showy but perfect for a neutral, toned down look. It's a good day to night color, as I would wear it alone or under the Sunstone lip lacquer. You can even apply a swipe of Midas lipstick on top or just in the center of the lips to make it more beach friendly. Either way it's a gorgeous, versatile shade.

I created a look using both eye shadows, Sunset bronzer/highlighter and Bonfire gloss. 
To keep it true to my vision I didn't want to add any other colors to my eyes, add eyeliner to my outer lash line or go heavy with the mascara because the green is so captivating I wanted it to stand alone. I did line my waterlines with the Ultra-Last eyeliner in black (that also came with this collection) to make the color pop even more. I contoured, highlighted and bronzed the perimeter of my face with the Sunset. I finished the look with 2 coats of Bonfire lip lacquer. It's really intense and pulled the look together beautifully.
(Not shown here: I filled my brows w/Senna's Brow Shaper Duo in Brunette)

I know we have a few weeks left of Summer but I can see myself using any and all of this all year round

The Senna website is complete with shopping options & tutorials featuring Eugenia Weston herself (Founder of Senna and super sweet lady) showing you how to use the products to create up to date looks. Definitely worth checking out so you can see how beautifully it all goes on and pulls together. *Senna Cosmetics*

Don't forget to subscribe to the  *Senna YouTube Channel* and keep up with look demos and product knowledge.

If anyone has used anything from this collection or line in general, let me know! I'd love to hear about your experiences :-)

Keep it Prettie!


*Products were provided for my review :-)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Senna Cosmetics- "A Touch Of Pretty" Spring 2013 Collection

The Senna Cosmetics Spring 2013 collection is called "A Touch Of Pretty" but there is more than just a "touch" of pretty going on here! The palettes are so fresh and feminine. They are perfectly matched to the lipsticks & glosses. They are excellent choices for the transition from pale Winter shades to warmer Spring tones. Yet they're not too bright where as you could easily confuse them with a deeper, more vivid Summer collection. 

The palettes consist of a beautiful warm (Sultry-described as "Sunkissed & Steamy") & cool (Mystic-described as "Dreamy & Temptress") mix of 6 velvet matte & shimmery shadows. 

Included is a huge matte blush and complimentary highlighter. I appreciate how the shades were composited, being very user friendly, but you can create even more looks by mixing the palettes to customize even more desired looks. The pressed powders (for eyes & face) are all finely milled so they're no chunks of shadow coming off during application. They are also really build-able so you can transition your look from day to night with ease. Each palette comes with a "Get the look" booklet which shows you, step by step, how to create 2 looks from each palette. I LOVE that they do this! I imagine this is very helpful for people who need ideas. Pretty genius if you ask me!

I did a review on the Lip Lacquers which you can read here---> *Click Here* because they're the same delicious formula as the new shades. These are perfect for Spring!!

The Creme Lipsticks have the same sweet taste as the lipgloss and are equally as pigmented. They are sheer at first but you can build up depth with 2-3 coats. They have to be the creamiest lipsticks I've used in a long time. They leave my lips smooth and soft, almost as if they've been exfoliated. They have the texture of a silky gloss but the staying power of a lipstick. 
You can use them alone or add a top coat of gloss for extra shine. 

The Capri eye shadow seen here is a deep periwinkle, similar to a denim blue. It's very versatile! You can line your waterlines with something dark like black or violet and smoke out the lids with just this shadow. This is great to use along with the Mystic palette & play off the cool shades. It's so pretty!

 The Pink Diva blush is a nice addition to any makeup collection. I immediately thought of weddings when I saw it because it's the exact color of flushed cheeks. After giving it a once over I also thought it would light up any runway because it's so pigmented you can build it up to be seen from a distance. 
Speaking of weddings, the entire collection is very wedding friendly. I'd feel very comfortable bringing everything here to a wedding party as everyone would walk away looking fresh faced and sophisticated. 

The brushes were a huge treat because aside from being the perfect brush set to do an entire face, the case is so trendy and sexy! It's a beautiful metallic mint green with laces on the binding & on the closing flap. I say "sexy" because it reminds me of a corset. This small detail kicks it up a notch from a plain brush case to a fashionable clutch. 

There is a section inside that has a zipper so you can pack essential makeup items for your look. Perfect for travel or to take on set. The flap is adjustable, making it easier to close if you do end up using that compartment. The brushes themselves are gorgeous as they have clear handles. They look like magic wands!! If you think about it, they kind of are :-)

Huge THANK YOU to my friends at Senna Cosmetics for sending me these gorgeous goodies, they are getting plenty of use!!

For pricing & to shop Senna Cosmetics, go to: 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kett Cosmetics- Fixx Creme Makeup Review

Hello Kittens!

I know I haven't written a review in a little while now but I can't tell you how busy I've been! Since my last post I went to The Makeup Show (in NYC) and came back to work, work and more work! 
I had to start taking appointments for my spa work again a few days a week because my makeup clients kept asking when I'd be available for facials, waxing & body treatments. I am blessed to be working doing more of what I love without having to give any of it up. There have been a few days where I've been at the spa then had to go do makeup and back again. Lol!
I am more settled in now so I have more time to write, so thank you for your patience! :-)
Speaking of patience...I have been meaning to do this review for a few months now. In March while at The Makeup Show (in LA), I met Sheila McKenna, owner of Kett Cosmetics. We talked about everything from my skincare background to her fantastic line of products. She is so smart and the kind of person you can just talk to for hours! I do a lot of work that's filmed in HD so she offered to send me some of the Fixx Creme Makeup to try on my clients. 
I was really looking forward to it because, in my opinion, HD makeup really makes a difference on film/live TV. I have seen so many shows where people look greasy & their pores look huge! Not to mention HD products can also be pricier than regular makeup so if you're looking to build a predominantly HD kit, it could burn a serious hole in your pretty pink pocket!
I was thrilled to see Sheila had sent me 6 Pro Palettes! That consisted of 2 of each color series; Olive, Ruby & Neutral

L to R (011, 09, 07, 05, 03, 01)

L to R (R11, R9, R7, R5, R3, R1)

L to R (N11, N9, N7, N5, N3, N1)

Each palette comes with 6 shades, that's a lot of makeup!! They came individually wrapped, label and all, so I had the freedom to place the products in any order I chose.

I also really like that the palettes aren't heavy. This is an issue for me because I tend to want to bring every piece of makeup that I own with me on every job (I don't but I want to. Lol!) and my bags get heavy! Not these guys, they're lightweight so I can have all 3 on hand without feeling like I'm carrying around 18 bottles of foundation! 
I do love that they are dual purpose because I don't need to use concealer. Especially on men where they don't need a ton of makeup to begin with. The formula is waterproof and the coverage is build-able but strong if you need it to be. Anything that will cover a 5 o'clock shadow is sufficient in my book! 
To say this is "the good stuff" is an understatement!  I found this to be true as I worked on Congressman David Schweikert & it completely covered any trace of facial hair. 

But the BEST part is that it makes you look flawless on camera! There is ZERO shine! Your skin is even, soft and not a visible pore in sight. I applied a little bit of Nurturing Force Blot Out Offensive HD Primer and the makeup literally slipped right on.
If you go to the Kett Cosmetics website you'll see their "Skin Prep" page has exactly what I used and everything I keep in my kit! Lol! Great minds think alike but they did work very well together!
It's main ingredients consist of Vitamins A, C & E and Licorice Root Extract. I noticed it removes well and without difficulty, as some waterproof makeup can be resistant to removal. Just 1 Alcone makeup wipe was all I needed to get the skin back to pre-makeup application status. 
I love playing mad scientist & I'm always custom blending shades to find the perfect combination for each client and this formula mixes so well. It melts right into the skin without leaving streaks or flakes.  It's like a second skin but softer! When doing makeup for Live TV, I pack up & wait to watch the client on screen to see how it wears. When I looked at Congressman Schweikert on screen it was almost as if there was a filter of soft lighting, you would not know you were watching HDTV.
A little goes a long way as you can see here on my palette, I mixed a tiny bit of 3 shades and still had some left over.

Kett Cosmetics are known for their amazing airbrush products so it's no surprise they've mastered the art of "coverage" in general. I was blown away by the all around quality of this product and I'm positive every Pro Makeup Artist will be too! It's an on set must have! 

For pricing & to shop Kett Cosmetics go to

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Makeup Show LA 2013-Trilogy

Hi Lover Dolls!

I know it's been a while but I finally got around to putting this massive review together! It's definitely my biggest to date & I had such an amazing time at The Makeup Show in LA that I ended up making not 1 but 3 videos to cover it all, hence "The Makeup Show Trilogy"...Look out Steven Spielberg...LOL! Sike! But I had to make 3 because as you can see it was too much for 1 video ;-)

The first goes over the extremely generous goody bag I got from a blogger preview before the show. 22 brands gave products so it was a hefty bag of really great products, most of which ended up in my kit.

The second is just more makeup and a few reviews on some new items that I picked up like the Paw Palette! If you are a Pro Makeup Artist, you must get one! I open the video with my review on it so be sure to check it out :-)
Also, reviews on products from brands like: 
*Paw Palette *Senna Cosmetics *OCC *Lime Crime *Saucebox Cosmetics *Parian Spirit *Alcone *Make Up For Ever *Skyn Demure *Embryolisse

The third video focused on my experience while at the show. I saw some brilliant body art, met some of my greatest Makeup Artist heroes (new & old)  and goes into why this is my favorite PRO event of the year.

To make this amazing experience even better, I had entered a photo challenge on Instagram hosted by The Makeup Show the month before. I had to take a picture a day of whatever they asked which was a challenge for me because I usually have so much going on that I can't commit to something like that. However, I entered and stuck with it only to win 1st prize! So I must say it was worth it! Lol!
I won a Makeup Show canvas bag (which I've been using to carry extra hair tools & products that don't fit in my kit) and a Limited Edition brush set with engraved signatures of renowned Makeup Artists: 
James Vincent, Jon Hennessey, Orlando Santiago, Esterique Aidan & Danessa Myricks.
The concept behind this custom set of brushes is to share some of these artists' favorite tools.

This wraps it up but I will be back with more from the New York show in a few weeks!

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