Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty Army Kit came in!!

As we all know, I've been impatiently waiting for my Beauty Army haul to arrive. So when it did yesterday, I was so impressed with what I found.

Nancy-Lee, the Social Media Editor for Beauty Army, who also runs the Facebook & Twitter pages, as well as handles all Press relations, is a DOLL! I just wanted to say that. I always like to give credit where it's due & she's been so gracious that you can't help but want to be associated with Beauty Army. So CHEERS to you Nancy-Lee, you're doing a fantastic job! ;-)

As a consumer, packaging is important to me. That goes for apparel, cosmetics, beauty products...etc I'm not saying I'll buy something just b/c it looks well made, it really has to be but I love extra bells & whistles. It totally sucks me in! I like knowing things are well made, that the company invested in their product & it's appearance. First impressions...are important!
I strongly believe you have to spend money to make money, so when I see something that looks cheap, I keep going. There was nothing cheap about this package!
When I opened the white box, which had "Beauty Army" scrolled around it, my eyes did a happy dance when I found this inside:
How luxe is this? :-)

Then I opened this sleek black box to find this: (The pink camouflage & the welcome card were nice touches. I also like when attention is paid to small, yet meaningful, details. Very cute!)

I pulled the black tissue paper, which was not cheap by any means, to find every item individually wrapped in pink tissue paper.
To know me is to know my appreciation for something like this! Lol!

Then, as expected, everything I ordered was there:

I immediately opened the MYFACE Eye shadow & it's really nice! I haven't decided it if I'll keep it or use it in my kit but I'll def wear it out soon & decide then.
I gave the MAD Youth Transformation Age Correcting Serum to a friend. It smells so good, & got very positive feedback already!
For those of you that are familiar with Rene Furterer hair products (that's another blog I'll be doing) it smelled like that! Delicious!

As I use them & give them away, I'll be checking back in!

Keep it Prettie!


  1. Great post love! I can't wait to get mine. So exciting.

  2. Thanks Steph! I can't believe how many hits it got in such a short time. I'm stunned ;-)
    And to think I wasn't going to write anything today...Lol
    You'll love it, it's such a girly thing! I love that black box, it's my new goody bag stash holder!

  3. Awesome post! I can't wait to get mine! Im all the way down in FL!

  4. Thanks Eugenia & I appreciate the follow! I bet it'll come tomorrow. You'll love it! Let me know what you ordered & what you think :-)

  5. I'm so going to sign up. Look at the size of those "samples"! <3 your writing doll.

  6. Hi Angie! Thanks hunny! I'm telling you, it's an amazing deal. It's good for trying new things or to have goody bag items. Am I crazy or do you have a blog I can follow? Lol
    See you in the twitverse!!

  7. this is great, ive heard a lot of amazing things about beauty army, I'm gonna try to sign up for them soon!